Mere Dentists

Mere Dentists

Mera Dental Clinic in Jasola, South Delhi is a one-stop solution for all Dental problems. Ranging from RCT to cavity fillings and fixing broken jaws to dental implants, it is one of the best places in the region that offer pocket-friendly, painless, and perfect dental surgeries. Just visit Mera Dental Clinic and you will be attended by of the best Dentists.

Situated near Jasola Apollo (Violet Line) and Jasola Shaheen Bagh (Magenta Line) Metro Station, Mera Dental Clinic is one of the most well-renowned and affordable dental clinics in the Delhi-NCR region, offering best-in-class dental treatments. Mera Dental Clinic has treated hundreds of patients and has returned the smile to their faces.

The clinic is fully geared with state-of-the-art technology and lays special emphasis on hygiene and affordability to be of service to the majority of the region’s population. Patients have benefited from a variety of dental services offered at the clinic. They include Implant, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Root Canal Treatment, and patient-compatible Dental Crowns and Bridges.

Know your Dentist

Dr. Naseem Ashraf, MDS, Jasola Shaheen Bagh Metro Station, Mera Dental Clinic, Jasola Shaheen Bagh, South Delhi - 110025

Dr. Naseem Ashraf (MDS)

Dr. Naseem Ashraf is a Founding Director of Mera Dental Clinic. He has a BDS degree from AMU, Aligarh, and MDS from Sharda University. With an experience of 15 years plus, he is one of the most popular and experienced dental surgeons in Delhi/NCR. He has conducted more than 4000 successful dental surgeries and implants during these years. You can rely on him to get back your smile.

Dr. Emad Anis (MDS), Mera Dental Clinic, Jasola Shaheen Bagh, South Delhi - 110025

Dr. Emad Anis (MDS)

Dr. Emad Anis is an orthodontist at Mera Dental Clinic. With the experience of more than 18 years under his belt, Dr. Anis is considered the best dental surgeon for implants, jaw surgeries, teeth replacements, and cosmetic issues.

Dr Yasmeen Khan, BDS, Mera Dental Clinic, Jasola, Sarita Vihar, South Delhi - 110025

Dr. Yasmeen Khan (BDS)

Dr. Yasmeen Khan has expertise in General Dentistry. She knows well how to deal with complex dental problems and treat them in minimum time. She has a solution for every dental problem and that too without any pain.

Dr Kahkashan Tauqeer, Mera Dental Clinic, Jasola, Jamia Nagar, Okhla, Shaheen Bagh, South Delhi - 110025

Dr. Kahkashan Tauqeer (BDS)

Dr. Kahkashan Tauqeer is an Esthetic Dentist. Energetic and always smiling, Dr. Tauqeer is perfectly trained in her traits. She is quite popular with her patients for cost-effective treatments and painless procedures.