Improper food habits, consumption of junk food, and awareness of dental care have necessitated the presence of dentists. Just roam around your locality and you will find every one or two out of ten doctors are dentists. Though, not every dentist may be worth visiting or consulting your oral problem. Do you know who may be a good dentist or to whom you should consult for your dental care?

To be a good dentist one should have a degree from a reputed dental college, plus experience and also personal traits. There are certain characteristics that make a good dentist.

Check the Academic record of your dentist

Though the marks and a degree may essentially not reflect the real talent, still it is a prerequisite for a good professional. Check whether your dentist or the dental surgeon is qualified for the task you are giving him or her. Never assign your dental care to any quack. If you need an implant, root canal treatment, or dental repair, please check that your dentist qualifies for the job and doesn’t rely on trial and error methods. Your teeth are a valuable asset and some inexperienced, unqualified doctor can ruin them

A good dentist is transparent with his patients. He will tell you every aspect of the treatment, including the tests, costs, and time needed, in advance.

Enquire about the Experience of your Dentist

Another important aspect of a good dentist is experience and extensive knowledge. Sometimes your doctor may have a good degree but not the experience. You aren’t a guinea pig. Never let anyone do practical on your valuable teeth. An inexperienced dentist may cause harm instead of repairing your set of teeth. Especially, if you need surgery, an implant, or cosmetic corrections, always rely on experienced hands. It will be a safe, painless, and even economically better option.

Does your dentist educate you?

A good dentist is transparent with his patients. He will tell you every aspect of the treatment, including the tests, costs, and time needed, in advance. A good dentist will tell his or her patients about the proper dental care. Also, a good dentist will educate you about healthy practices, proper oral care and suggest the proper care to save your teeth. He may tell you the do’s and don’ts needed for proper oral health. While doing this, he should not charge a consultation fee, as this is the social aspect of his job

Is your Dentist Polite and Helpful?

A good dentist will never rust for removals and surgeries. A good dentist will always patiently explore the alternates for costly treatments. He should be helpful and polite with his patients. Before surgeries and implants, the patients look for a sympathetic figure and a friendly person in their doctor. If your dentist lacks these qualities, it means he isn’t a good professional.

Is your Dentist Attentive?

A careless person can’t be a good dentist. Your dentist should not only keep a tab for your diseases, but he should also be friendly towards his/her patients. A good dentist should be attentive, careful, and helpful. He or She should attend to his, her patients in detail, without caring for time.  It is his or her responsibility that patients feel at ease.

So, these are the qualities one should check in his/her dentist. If you want to know more about dental care and treatment procedures, keep visiting our blog here. For proper consultation, you can visit Mera Dental Clinic in Jasola. We don’t charge our patients for general consultation as we feel, it is part of our social responsibility.

  • Dr Naseeem Ashraf is one of the most experienced Dental Surgeons in Delhi/NCR region. He is also a social worker and an activist. His write up’s often appear in various magazines and newspapers of repute. He can be reached at

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