Do you know, how does malnutrition affects oral health?

Do you know, malnutrition affects oral health? For the last many years, the medical practitioners, scientists and the social researchers have been trying to find the relation between malnutrition and poor oral health. Interestingly, their studies reveal that malnutrition results in poor oral health in turn, and poor health may also lead to malnutrition.

Experts say that oral health is an integral part of general health, but we Indians tend to ignore the advice. A study suggests that more than 53% Indians suffer from common tooth problems. These include bleeding gums, receding gums, sensitive teeth, decayed teeth and bad breath. But, is there any relation between malnutrition and poor oral health? How should we know, malnutrition affects oral health.

While we aren’t discussing malnutrition as we talk about diabetes or HIV, but it is true that the malnutrition can also affect your oral health. Not only the oral health, but malnutrition has a negative impact on the overall health of a person. If someone isn’t getting the right food, or the balanced diet in proper quantity, it will surely have an impact on his immunity, body system and consequently on the teeth and gums. Teeth will start to weaken and gums will start bleeding. Thus, we can say that the malnutrition affects oral health?

It has another dimension too. If someone is facing a poor oral health, it will be difficult for him to eat. More there are dental issues, more there are chances that the patient may run away from food. People with teeth problems often avoid eating fruits, nuts, hard food items etc. This in turn may result in malnutrition. So, we can say that the malnutrition can lead to poor oral health and in turn, poor oral health will result in poor general health. A research has revealed, if the patient has only 10 to 19 teeth, he is more likely to be at risk of malnutrition.

Basic principal behind a good health is simply start getting enough nutrients and minerals in your body. If you want to check, whether the malnutrition is affecting your body, check your gums. Swollen and bleeding gums are one of the symptoms that you aren’t taking a proper diet.

You may be unaware but, your bones and teeth need lots of minerals to stay strong. Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D are essential for strengthened enamel and strong teeth. These ingredients in the food help you protects your teeth from decay. One must know that once the enamel starts to thin, the underlying layer of dentin will be exposed to decay. So, check your diet and also meet a nutritionist regularly. A good health food is a must for the healthy teeth and gums. Avoid junk foods, acidic or carbonated drinks, refined sugar, additional fats and unhealthy food items. Keep a check on your diet so that you may protect your teeth and in turn your general health. Hopefully, now you know, how does malnutrition affects oral health.

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