Dentistry is also known as dental medicine and oral medicine. It is a branch of medicine that consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, disorders, and conditions of the mouth in general and the oral cavity in specific terms. Dentistry as a word has come from the term dentist. The dentist comes from the French word dentiste, which finds its roots in the French and Latin words for tooth.

Dentistry is often defined as the dentition or development and arrangement of teeth. In medical terms, it is associated with the oral mucosa and of adjacent and related structures and tissues. The field of dentistry or dental medicine is about the teeth and the other aspects of the craniofacial complex.  It includes the temporomandibular joint and other supporting, muscular, lymphatic, vascular, nervous, and anatomical structures.

Dentistry in our times is a specialized job. It is not just about a dentist and your teeth problem. Now, the dental treatments are carried out by a team of dental experts. This team often consists of a dentist and dental assistantsdental hygienistsdental technicians, as well as dental therapists.

Dentistry is often defined as the dentition or development and arrangement of teeth. In medical terms it is associated with the oral mucosa and of adjacent and related structures and tissues.

Do you know that the history of Dentistry dates back to ancient times? Dentistry is as ancient as the history of humanity and civilization. The earliest evidence of Dentistry goes somewhere between 7000 BC and 5500 BC. Historians have found the skeletal remains from Mehgarh, a town in Pakistan, These remains suggest the evidence of teeth having been drilled with flint tools to remove decay. In modern times this method is still found to be “surprisingly effective”.

In modern Dentistry, the use of high-quality scientific research and evidence to guide decision-making is a common practice. Dental experts make many decisions, which include manual tooth conservation, use of fluoride water treatment, and fluoride toothpaste. It does not deal with cavities and disorders, but also with oral diseases such as tooth decay and periodontitis. Also, systematic diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, celiac disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS which could also affect the oral cavity are also dealt in modern dentistry.

Dentistry and the “Mera Dental Clinic” in Jasola

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